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We’ve received some great feedback from the new Design Builder that we have been releasing over the past 2 months.   The Design Builder is the biggest update we have ever released and has been the result of 18 months of planning and development.  Many charities have gone through the Design Builder process to update their website to an entirely new, professional and responsive design.

Bundled with this update was an update to the Web Editor that is used for making changes to pages on websites. Whilst we develop Charity Edit in-house, the Web Editor is a third party application and with the recent update to Charity Edit we also updated the Web Editor to the latest version.  Although the new Web Editor works well with new pages, it became clear that there were issues that our customers were experiencing when editing existing pages.  This caused formatting issues with the Web Editor view looking different to the page on the main website and making it sometimes difficult to format the page. 

We know that this caused frustration to clients who have been trying to make changes to their sites and we apologise for the issue this caused.  Whilst we had invested weeks into the integration of this Web Editor into Charity Edit, we have taken the decision to change to the previous version of the Web Editor so that existing content can be edited without any formatting issues.  This is still a newer Web Editor than the Editor we had been using in previous years, but it does not have the same issues that the very latest one does.

To see a guide on the Editor and the differences in icons between the two versions visit our support page.

The change in the Web Editor meant that we delayed the upgrading of sites to the new Design Builder until the Web Editor change was updated. We have had lots of emails from customers eager to get their hands on the Design Builder and are pleased to say that those sites will have access to the Design Builder within the next week.  The Charity Edit Plus features are still being modified to allow for the Design Builder so sites using member features such as forums, member only pages will need to wait a little bit longer.

If you haven’t yet joined one of our Design Builder webinars then we have a number coming up. This gives an overview of this powerful new update. 

Once again, if you were affected by the Web Edit changes, then I sincerely apologise for the issues you may have experienced in the Web Editor and now this is resolved, the team at Charity Edit hope you can see the real benefit of this major update with the Charity Edit Design Builder.

If you have any feedback on the Design Builder or have any questions then please contact the support team.

Thank you for your custom and support and we look forward to supporting you over 2022.

God bless


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