My charity is on Facebook, why do I need a website?

Whilst having social media accounts is an important aspect of any communication mix, they do not replace a charity website.

The two platforms are completely different as they have various goals in mind. A website exists to provide information; in this day when someone is trying to find out more information, the first place they will look is the internet and a website provides an authoritative voice that gives the person looking for information the confidence that this is the correct place to find that.

When deciding on how you are going to promote or advertise your charity, it is always helpful to think about it from the perspective of the person who will be looking at your website.

Social media is a great platform to use for existing charity members and for those who already know about your charity, however if you want your charity to be a source online to those who are searching for a charity within the local area, chances are, they will not know that you have social media accounts. The only way they can find your social media account is if they know exactly what they are called - which isn’t always as straight-cut when there are many charities in the same area who may have a similar name!

What your website provides is a way for someone new to the area, to find out relevant information about your charity, where your charity is, the times you meet and also get to know more about the vision and values your charity has.

This information is not easy to convey on social media and each social media platform is completely different, they also change fairly often so what you may have added a year or two ago to a Facebook page may no longer be relevant or even shown anymore.

Social media is also a lot more prone to fads, there are many social media platforms that were popular a year ago that are no longer in existence.

Owning a website and a domain however, is like investing in the bricks and mortar of the digital age.

A website acts like the digital home of your charity, from here you can integrate all of your various social media accounts, allowing your website to become a hub of activity, a place where people can come and go, and view all the latest news and happenings - which in an age where people are always on the go, having the ability to keep up with charity throughout the week can be an absolutely vital link to the main charity body!

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