Charity website help and support

Sometimes we do like to blow our own trumpet here at Edit towers, and one of the many things we are immensely proud of is the support we offer to all our clients.  We regularly get positive feedback from those who are using Charity Edit and contacted us needing a bit of extra help.  

We’ve had people contact us for all sorts of reasons - here are some of the recent support requests we have had:

  • How do I add video to my website?
  • How do I move a web page to a different section?
  • How do I align an image on the website?
  • How do I give access so someone else can update the website?
  • How do I add a map of our charity to the website?

Our support team is not based in some remote part of the world, given minimal training and taking days to respond to emails.  Our team is based in Solihull, UK and we know the Charity Edit software inside out so are usually able to deal with a query straight away. In the rare event that we need to look into something in more details we are normally able to come back with the solution in a very short time.

We’ve grown from 1 person and 1 charity 15 years ago, to many more charities today. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of companies that have promised the earth, but unfortunately then failed to deliver a good service to charities.  Whereas, here at Charity Edit as the number of charities using our software has grown, so to has our team which has meant that we’ve been able to scale the support that we offer so that we are always able to provide a superior service.  

Of course, our software is so easy to use that many charities do not even need to contact us for advice. 

Here is a reminder of the different support we offer:

  • Online help section
  • Video training on demand
  • Live webinar classes
  • Email support
  • Unlimited Telephone support (8.30am - 5.00pm EVERY weekday)

We are grateful to the many charities using Charity Edit for their website and rest assured that we will ALWAYS provide free support should you ever need that extra bit of help in keeping your website up to date. 

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