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It’s been a tough time for charities recently, but Charity Edit is here to help you ‘Bounce Back!’ with our amazing Bounce Back offer, where there are savings every month on your subscription for up to a year! 

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Terms of the Bounce Back Offer

The Bounce Back Offer gives discounts on the monthly prices of Charity Edit over the first 12 months of the website subscription. For example a £17.50 subscription would be just £8.75 per month for the first 6 months, £13.13 per month for months 7-9 and £15.75 per month for month 10 - 12. Following the first year, the price will be the standard Charity Edit fee. Should an organisation decided to pay for the 12 month website subscription upfront they will receive the same discount AND a domain credit. 

The Bounce Back offer is only available to organisations that do not currently have a subscription to Edit. Decision to use Charity Edit must be made by the 31st December 2022.  To benefit from this offer, organisations must have an active Direct Debit with Charity Edit.  No other offer can be combined with this offer.

The referral scheme still applies to organisations who have benefited from the Bounce Back Offer which means potential savings could be greater.

Bounce Back Offer is also available to non-charities through our Business Edit website software.