Your Message Heard


As a charity, you have an important message to share and are undoubtedly working hard at emphasising the importance of your cause to others. In a busy world full of distractions though, it is very easy for a voice to get lost.

It is necessary for every charity to have a multi-pronged approach when it comes to communicating its vision. How you talk with the public will differ greatly in how to talk with beneficiaries or possible donors. Whilst this may be a common observation, many forget to then look at these groups further and often use limited methods to convey their message. You may, for example, speak to beneficiaries via a monthly newsletter alone, whilst communicating to the public primarily through the use of advertising and exhibiting.

It is profitable to any sized charity to recognise the various methods in which they can converse and then determine a successful combination of several appropriate mediums.

Every person has a different way in which they absorb information, for some, visual aids draw their attention best, others prefer to read long detailed articles, whilst others may like to just scan a bullet list and some prefer to listen to audio material. Many charities will utilise mostly visual and written communications, which are important but the provision of audio material is often lacking.

Podcasts offer a unique platform to speak about the charity, which coincides harmoniously with other elements of your marketing mix.

In a world on-the-go, many of us spend large amounts of our time in a state of suspension. We’re either commuting, stuck in traffic, at the gym, in a queue, or just generally waiting. It’s during these waiting periods when many turn to their mobile devices for entertainment, and where having the provision of audible information on hand via a charity podcast can be particularly advantageous.

With all good intentions, individuals may keep various documentation you provide such as pamphlets or emails but the majority of this will remain unopened or ignored, as the demands of life creep in. Providing an additional method of communication, gives your charity an additional  advantage to capture the minds of those who may otherwise have missed what you have to say. 

Getting the message of your charity across, whatever that message may be, whether it is to inform the public, gain donors or to lobby against a particular legislation, making sure that your charity's voice is heard requires a variety of communication tools.

Not everyone will approach your charity from the same point. For some it may be the first time they have heard of what you have to say. For others it may be a very personal and long standing issue. It is important therefore to keep this in mind when thinking about, not only charity podcasts, but all of your marketing material, and to provide relevant information for the various stages of interaction.

Charity podcasts are an easy, distinct way of making a connection, and there are many ways in which you can utilise them. If a podcast is something new for you and you are feeling unsure of how to go about setting up your first charity podcast, our Support site can help you.