We’ve just completed a major migration of all our websites over to a new hosting platform. A project which we started in March and have spent many hundreds of hours working on. The new hosting gives higher resilience to our infrastructure with new technology to help us as the number of customers continue to grow and our website software continues to develop.  It also allows us to release updates much quicker than before, as well as providing beta versions of updates to a small group of clients before it is released to our 1,000+ network of charities.

Another benefit is that we are able to provide https certificates to all our clients at no charge. Previously we charged between £15 and £35 each year for a certificate, but it is now completely free. 

A https certificate means that every connection to your site is made over a secure connection giving your site visitors extra peace of mind when accessing your site. On most modern browsers, a padlock will appear next to your website address showing that it is secure.  It ensures that any information submitted by forms on your site, and logins to Global Office are kept secure between the users computer and our servers.   

No action is needed for the secure certificate to be added - we’ve done this automatically when we migrated your site. 

The set up of the new hosting infrastructure and migrating our sites has been a big task so I also wanted to apologise to any of our clients who may have had a delayed response recently to their support queries. At Edit Websites, we pride ourselves on the high level of support that we offer clients and it is one of the reasons so many customers use us for their website. 

We are aware that at a few times during July, August and the first part of September, despite members of our team working extra, our response to some support requests have been slower than normal due to the time we were spending on the migration.  If you received a slow response from us when asking for support then we really do apologise for letting you down. 

The migration has now completed and as COVID-19 has meant an effective website is more important than ever, we look forward to continuing to add new functionality to our software over the coming months and years. 

Don’t forget you can contact us on helpdesk@charityedit.co.uk to get help with your website or if you wanted to suggest any new features.  You can also get straight through to support on 0121 651 11 20 between 8:30 and 5:00 each day. 


Kyle Cottington

Managing Director