How to create online connection rather than just producing content



In this era of communication, where absolutely everything is online, it can be easy to focus on content production and forget about connection with your members. Something that comes a lot easier when you are seeing people face to face more frequently.

Here are some ideas from us to help!


Create a more private online space for your close community.

A facebook group is a good idea for conversations with your community that might not be quite right in a public forum, for instance, the public facing Facebook page. Many members may feel more comfortable participating in a more open conversation on a private facebook page, sharing their thoughts on particular topics and ideas. An online ‘community’ space could be a great point of connection for your congregation. You could use this space to public encouragement throughout the week, and allow the members themselves to start discussions too.

Make a podcast

Many charities produce a podcast however, another idea is to create additional podcast content throughout the week. The longform format of a podcast allows for encouragement and insight that a short social media post cannot illicit. Whilst it is not a ‘two-way’ form of communication, a podcast in a conversation style that covers everyday issues or questions, could be something that helps listeners feel connected.

Personalised communication

Never underestimate the power of a personalised message. Whether it is a personalised email, or a mail out every so often. Something personal will remind your members that you are thinking of them, and help them to feel included in what your team is doing.

Gather stories

Testimonies are a powerful tool to encourage your community. Hearing stories from volunteers, maybe they’ve found work or been promoted or have healing stories. Our story creates a deep personal connection as people celebrate with us. This is perfect for if you have small groups that are currently meeting online, the leaders can gather stories to feedback into your site.

You can create a form on your site, linking it to regular social media, email and other communications.