With a growing focus on digital communications, brought on by changing trends for communication worldwide which have been sped up by the pandemic, there is an increased need for creativity from charities to create content. Whether it be for use on social media, or your website, we have put together some ideas based on trends we have seen across many charities recently.


+Sharing stories and testimonials

Nothing beats a personal story from one of your team members, in terms of the encouragement that can be drawn from it, and also the engagement that it can prompt. Many charities are asking for stories to be sent in via social media to encourage others, and this is a great way to produce content for your online communications.


+Communicate to the entire community

Are there things happening in your community which you could be signposting? Rather than just posting content generally, you could post information about other resources and events in the community. This will help your charity engage a wider audience and become known as a helpful hub of information.


+Use Video

We always mention this, video is such an easy way to engage your audience online. We have some information on video production, but filming a video on your phone and uploading it to your site and your social media channels couldn’t be easier. Whether it is a thought, an update or a story - video is the best way to go.


+Offer online training for your volunteers   

During this time of limited meeting, many charities have suspended things. Now could be a good time to provide online training and teaching to the volunteers teams to engage and encourage them, as well as providing a helpful refresh on important information.


+User Generated Content

Sometimes the load of creating content for your online channels can be a large job for a small team, you can lighten the workload by putting it out to your team. For instance, asking the team a question, and then re-posting the answers. You could also ask for photos from them, or videos too. Soon you will have too much content to use, rather than not enough!