If you're planning a summer re-fresh for your Charity website, you may be looking for some tips.
We love seeing the different ways Charities reflect what is happening at their Charity on their Charity Edit website.If you're looking for some guidance on how to do this effectively, look no further! We're happy to help.

1. Keep your design minimalistic

Try to stick to a few key colours and no more than two fonts. If you use too many colours and fonts, it may begin to look messy and might not be uniform accross your whole site. Ideally, readers can focus on the content without being distracted by lots of busy colours.

2. Use a Call to action

If you have too many different directions for website visitors, they may not end up where you want them to. Ultimately your website should lead people to visit or engage with your Charity in some way. Be sure to have a clear way that visitors can engage with you. Perhaps a very clear 'join us' button on the home page that takes visitors to information about Volunteering. Be sure to have your Charity key information about joining, donating or participating in a place where people can see it! This is often what visitors will be looking for.

3. Keep all text concise and simple, highlight the main content of your site

Try and keep your reader's attention. We're sure you have lots of rich information and history to shout about from your Charity, and it's great to include that on your site! But make sure any key messages aren't missed in all of that. Perhaps have dedicated areas for longer-form text posts, and keep the front page and any key areas simple.

4. Use pictures of people from your Charity

Stock images are really helpful! we get it, we use them too. However when people are looking for information about your Charity it will be very helpful if they can see pictures that reflect the heart of your charity. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! If there is anyone at your charity who is good with a camera, maybe you could ask them to snap some pictures. Don't forget to get permission to have people's photo on your website.

5. Make sure your site is mobile friendly

A lot of people may access your site from their phone and ideally it will be as easy as looking on a computer for the information they are searching for. All Charity Edit sites have a mobile friendly version, however there are things you can do to make the site easier to use on a smaller device. For instance, make sure information is clear and easy to find when looking on a mobile and make sure buttons are big and easy to press on a mobile.

6. Don't be scared of space!

It can be tempting to utilise all of the space on your Charity website, however it can make it quite busy. Always remember that less is more! If there is space on your site, it will direct visitor's attention to the important messages.