Having a Contact Us page on your charity website is one of the most important pages to have.

It is your call to action page which needs to encourage people to get in touch with your charity for whichever need they have, in whichever way they prefer, whether they be a member or visitor.

Consider all the ways in which someone can contact your charity and then include those options in your page.

We have created some suggestions and items for you to consider when creating your Contact Us page ……

Contact Details

List your relevant contact details.  Ensure to list your address and telephone number and give them details of your office opening hours so they know when the best time is to telephone. You may wish to list the your teams contact details within the charity to make it easy for people to contact you.


Ensure to include contact emails for team members - but instead of listing the email addresses on the page (to prevent spamming) list the members position and link the named position to the email address - so when that position is clicked it opens up into an email with the correct email address.

Location Map

Include a Google Map within the page - let people know where you are located. If you are not sure how to do this then see our website tips section: Inserting a Google Map

Charity Registration Details

If your Charity is registered, then Include your charity registration details this is a legal requirement so please make sure your website is compliant.

Fundraising Buttons

Include your charity's fundraising platforms i.e.  Give as You Live, Just Giving, iKnow Charity etc… if you have many then include them at the top or bottom of the page.

Social Media

Include your Social Media Icons Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.. and link them through to your media accounts - let people connect with you as they may wish to use this medium to communicate with you.  Make sure that your media accounts are monitored and checked - there is nothing worst than an account which isn’t maintained - this can also give negative reporting on your media response ratings.

Create a Submission Form

People may have an enquiry and may want to ask a question so create a form that they can submit which includes fields for them to leave their contact details with you - they might want you to email them, they might want you to call them - give them the option and ask them how they want to be contacted.  Create a form and link into your Contact Us Page.


Consider feedback options - this is one of the best ways to gain testimony or feedback on how things may be improved.  If somebody would like to give you some feedback on support they have received or simply feedback in relation to their contact with your charity - why not create a form that they can complete and submit from your website  - this form (once submitted) could then go through to the relevant personnel within the charity.  This form can be linked into your Contact Us page.

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